What to expect

Passion for the work

Viticulture provides opportunities to work outside in all seasons in some of the most spectacular locations in BC. You can grow your career in BC vineyards, and participate in a fast-growing and highly regarded industry.

Making great wine requires hands-on work with the vines. The quality of the wine is dependent on the quality of grapes. Working in viticulture gives you an opportunity to apply your knowledge of the science of viticulture in the vineyard.

The exciting part of working in a vineyard is that nothing is routine. Nature and the vines exert their influence to make the work exciting and ever-changing.

Viticulture involves pruning, canopy management, pest control, crop estimates, training vines, planting and operating equipment.

Unlike many other industries you have the opportunity to work with your product all the way through its’ life cycle. You can see and enjoy your contribution to the final product.

Working as a team member

Work in the vineyard requires the ability to work independently and as a member of the vineyard team.

You work with teams in the vineyard, and in more senior positions, with the winemaker. The teams are diverse, multi-cultural and multi-generational.

Advances in production techniques offer further opportunities for individual, team and industry growth and improvement in quality.

Great people are required to make great wine, so knowledge of hiring, development and retention practices are important for those in management positions.

The BC Wine Industry

There are nearly 300 licensed wineries in British Columbia, 929 vineyards with over ten thousand acres of planted land. There are five designated viticultural areas (DVAs): Okanagan Valley, Similkameen Valley, Fraser Valley, Thompson Nicola and Gulf Islands.

Four more emerging viticulture regions are the Shuswap, North Okanagan, Thompson Nicola and West Kootenays.